Stormfields Becomes Print

I’m very happy to announce–through the very good and gracious efforts of Joseph Pearce and Winston Elliott–this Stormfields blog will be heading to print immediately. As of the January/February 2020 issue of the St. Austin Review, Stormfields will… Read More

Donate to The Imaginative Conservative

Please consider giving to The Imaginative Conservative. Winston Elliott and Steve Klugewicz are mighty men, but they need support. Running a full-time website and institute is not cheap, sadly.   If you love (or even like) the seriousness… Read More

TIC: Definitive Biography

I’m so honored that The Imaginative Conservative thinks so well of RUSSELL KIRK: AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE.  Thank you proudly to Winston, Steve, and Co. The Imaginative Conservative‘s co-founder and editor-at-large, Bradley J. Birzer, has received another award for his… Read More

Apocalypse ALWAYS

I will admit that this is possibly the weirdest thing I’ve ever written. But, I will also admit, I had a blast writing it. Thanks, as always, to Winston Elliott III and Stephen M. Klugewicz for encouraging my… Read More

A Voegelin Primer

Over at The Imaginative Conservative, I had the great privilege of writing a three-part essay on one of the most important forgotten thinkers of the past century, Eric Voegelin. Here’s part I:

Please Donate to The Imaginative Conservative

I realize we’re all starting to think about the holidays, but the end of the year is coming up as well. In your end of the year giving, please consider donating to The Imaginative Conservative. I can state with… Read More

Happy 5th Birthday to The Imaginative Conservative

Five million reads later. . . The Imaginative Conservative is 5 years old today. My love letter to Winston Elliott, founder and mastermind of TIC.

George Orwell–at TIC

This morning, the wonderful editors at The Imaginative Conservative posted a piece I wrote on George Orwell. Despite his blistering attacks on all forms of socialism in his fiction, many scholars have considered Orwell a socialist. Yet, as… Read More

My Notes/Index to the 1989 Edition of Prospects for Conservatives

Notes on Kirk, PROSPECTS FOR CONSERVATIVES, 1989 notes taken by Brad Birzer (May 10, 2002; revised on August 9, 2010) In preparation for August 13, 2010 CAI conference, Houston, Texas Me presiding/DL Winston’s 50th birthday *** Neither American… Read More

Dawson, “The Dark Mirror” (1930)

N.B.  This is one of Christopher Dawson’s most important pieces regarding the soul and imagination.  It is about what Winston Elliott would call “imaginative conservatism.”  Enjoy. Source: Christopher Dawson, “The Dark Mirror,” DUBLIN REVIEW (October 1930): 177-200. cd… Read More

“Disraeli and Conservatism” by Paul Elmer More, 1915

Many regard this as Paul Elmer More’s most important essay.  Certainly, it is the article that inspired the “moral imagination” of Irving Babbitt, T.S. Eliot, Russell Kirk, and Winston Elliott. pem disraeli and conservatism Source: Paul Elmer More,… Read More