Mark Twain vs. The Machine

Though neither a radical nor a Christian—nor, for that matter, even a romantic in the vein of Blake who feared the “dark Satanic mills” of Industrial England—Mark Twain identified the late-nineteenth century fear of the machine run amok perfectly in… Read More

Bradbury and F451–Over at TIC

My thoughts on Bradbury and F451. Perfect Sunday afternoon reading–sans mechanical hounds.

George Orwell–at TIC

This morning, the wonderful editors at The Imaginative Conservative posted a piece I wrote on George Orwell. Despite his blistering attacks on all forms of socialism in his fiction, many scholars have considered Orwell a socialist. Yet, as… Read More

Some Dystopian Reading–In the News

Some really interesting articles have appeared over the past few weeks dealing with dystopian literature. Wired has a bit of a spirited debate: Against: In favor: While, the London Guardian is worried: What I strongly disagree with is the… Read More