My Notes/Index to the 1989 Edition of Prospects for Conservatives

Most recent edition of PROSPECTS, edited by Winston Elliott.

Most recent edition of PROSPECTS, edited by Winston Elliott.


notes taken by Brad Birzer (May 10, 2002; revised on August 9, 2010)

In preparation for August 13, 2010 CAI conference, Houston, Texas

Me presiding/DL

Winston’s 50th birthday


Neither American liberalism nor conservatism an ideology (Kirk, PROSPECTS, xi)

scholar vs. intellectual (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 5)

quote J. Adams: ideologue as idiot (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 6); ideology justifies every atrocity (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 273)

all problems blend together: social, ethical, religious, politics (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 7)

must detest abstraction and seek the common good (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 9)

evils of twentieth century make the conservative’s burden greater (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 11)

liberals are “smugness incarnate” (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 11)

the archaic in America are those who still believe in progress and reason (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 12)

liberal is slave to his own prejudices (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 13)

for some problems, simply NO solution (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 14)

truth and beauty are terrifying to modern man (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 16)

sin is real (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 17)

myth is vital; transcendent truth (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 18)

object of life is love (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 21, 75)

must fight the machine (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 21, 93, 145)

conservative relies on habit and custom (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 22)

like all bodies, though, society must be willing to renew itself (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 25)

abolition of man (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 27)

real progress when good men and women fight evil (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 28)

American revolution to conserve (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 29)

Burke vs. French Revolution (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 30)

ideologues really just want power (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 31)

French introduced a horrible disease into the world (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 31)

T.J. more Anglo than French (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 32)

individualism: conservatism without tradition; not good (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 34-35); no simple solutions (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 261)

conservative fearful of the state (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 35)

extreme individualism is understandable–but still a mistake (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 36)

moderns dismiss the sacred and end in decadence (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 39)

Joad and decadence (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 40)

obsession with experience (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 42)

Must redeem the time (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 42, 71, 88)

Unbought grace of life (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 44)

Cicero, honesty, and character (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 45)

Burke (and Livy) on true patriotism: to love our country, our country must be lovely (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 49)

starving the moral imagination (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 50-51)

purpose of liberal education (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 51)

Quotes Paul Elmer More on liberal arts on virtue (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 53)

internal betrayel of the liberal arts (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 54)

liberal arts disciplines free minds (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 55)

Dewey makes men less human! (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 57-59)

every society needs an aristocracy (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 59)

modernity values speed over honor (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 65)

education: not for equality, but to develop gifts (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 67)

twentieth-century has been an age of propaganda (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 68)

but, we should be guardians of the word (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 69)

societal disorder is sign of interior disorder (of the soul) (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 73)

will vs. grace (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 74)

boredom results when we ignore/destroy the sacred (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 91)

we do everything possible to avoid suffering (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 94); death of character results (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 95)

modernity is purgatory, not hell (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 94)

should believe in authority (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 98, 100); large families not bored (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 99)

private judgment = mediocrity (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 101)

tradition-directed person not bored, as he understands purpose (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 101)

masses cruel and dangerous (Kirk, PROSPECTS, Kirk, PROSPECTS, 103)

the bored rule us (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 105)

the bored seek consolation in sexual and moral perversity (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 105)

if bored, means not know self or purpose (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 107)

to relieve boredom (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 108ff): must

1.  Renew religious faith and piety (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 121ff)

2.  Revive honor and dignity

3.  Understand property rights and self-reliance

4.  Reaffirm right of men to what is their own (justice)

5.  Security not better than true freedom

6.  Reawake concept of contract of eternal society

definition of a proletariat (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 110)

love efficiency means suicide (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 115)

Progress = effeminacy (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 117)

discussion of true leisure (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 117ff)

cannot fight ideology with our own propaganda; only firm understanding of traditional moral principles will work (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 129)

justice rooted in nature (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 132); justice leads to diversity (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 133)

true justice allows man to receive reward for his gifts (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 135); Pope Pius XI agrees (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 138)

we’ve become a TV culture; mass mind (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 140-141)

variety is true life; only equality in hell (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 142)

justice demands inequality (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 143)

Ability (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 146)

Avarice (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 159)

consumer decadence (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 163)

government planning for economy destroys traditional virtues (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 169)

beautiful passage: “Stability instead of velocity, community instead of reckless self-expression, satisfying work instead of novel amusement, a decent competence instead of an incessant pursuit of luxuries–those are the ways to personal and social tranquility.” (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 172)

Roepke and the Third Way (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 180ff)

decrease in private trust=increase in public power (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 188ff)

subsidiarity, community, and the variety of talents; community allows true individualism rather than the “mass man” (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 190ff, 204)

too finite to govern ourselves unaided (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 196); God has assigned each of us a part (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 196)

order is natural (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 197)

Economy of Grace–as described in Ecclesiasticus (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 198)

meaning of words (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 208)

Quotes Burke on Jacobin attack on true individualism (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 212)

conservatives restrain power (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 215); two checks on power: moral and legal authority (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 216)

vs. conspiracies (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 216-217)

creeping socialism (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 219)

humanitarianism is simply ½ egoism (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 219)

peoples need to do penance (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 223)

definition of tradition (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 228ff)

church baptizes best of the pagan (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 230-232)

mystery (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 234)

virtue linked to tradition (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 245)

Conservatives must acknowledge that we may lose (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 252)

justice and freedom are gifts from our ancestors–who sacrificed much to give them to us (Kirk, PROSPECTS, 270)

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