Virgil Father of the West by Theodor Haecker

A number of friends have asked for a copy of Haecker’s 1934 book, Virgil Father of the West.  Here it is in all of its PDF glory.  Enjoy. Originally commissioned and edited by Christopher Dawson for his 16-volume… Read More

E.I. Watkin, “Poetry and Mysticism”

Few remember E.I. Watkins, but he once stood at the forefront of the Catholic Literary Revival.  If he’s remembered today, it is as Christopher Dawson’s best friend. Here’s an excellent piece from him.  Enjoy. poetry and mysticism eiw

Christian Dawson, Christian Freedom, 1946

cd christian freedom 2 1946 copy

Christopher Dawson, “Catholicism and the Bourgeois Mind,” 1935

cd catholicism and bourgeois mind copy With apologies for all of my marginalia!  As it turns out, this piece has caused quite a bit of controversy recently among Catholic scholars.

Christopher Dawson, Introduction to 1943 Book on Education

cd 1943 education copy

Anti-Statism and Christopher Dawson

Some of my favorite Dawson quotes from BEYOND POLITICS, 1939: The “coming together of politics and economics involved the death of the liberal State and the emergence of a new type of community which whether we call it… Read More

Dawson, “The Dark Mirror” (1930)

N.B.  This is one of Christopher Dawson’s most important pieces regarding the soul and imagination.  It is about what Winston Elliott would call “imaginative conservatism.”  Enjoy. Source: Christopher Dawson, “The Dark Mirror,” DUBLIN REVIEW (October 1930): 177-200. cd… Read More

Dawson “The End of an Age” (1930)

Source: Christopher Dawson, “The End of an Age,” CRITERION 9 (1930): 386-401. cd end of an age

Dawson, “The Problem of Christ and Culture” (1952)

Source: Christopher Dawson, “The Problem of Christ and Culture,” DUBLIN REVIEW (1952): 64-68. cd christ culture

Dawson, “The Moral of Austria” (1938)

Source: Christopher Dawson, “The Moral of Austria,” THE TABLET (March 19, 1938): 358. dawson moral of austria

Dawson, “The Significance of Bolshevism,” 1932

Source: Christopher Dawson, “The Significance of Bolshevism,” ENGLISH REVIEW (September 1932): 241-248. cd sign of bolshevism

Christopher Dawson, “Religious Liberty and the New Political Forces,” (1947)

SOURCE: Christopher Dawson, “Religious Liberty and the New Political Forces,” THE MONTH 183 (1947): 40-47. cd religious liberty and the new political forces