My Latest at Catholic World Report: How ORDER Helped Create the Catholic Literary Revival

Almost no one remembers the short-lived journal, Order, as it appeared over eighty years ago and only lasted four issues. But the journal, which appeared the late 1920s, set off a chain of events that can, in hindsight, be described… Read More

Russell Kirk: American Conservative Excerpt

“Kirk presented a Christian sanctification of the pagan myth of Perseus and his nemesis the Gorgon, Medusa. indeed, this myth holds the entire book together. “a man if he venerates the ashes of his fathers and the temples… Read More

Christopher Dawson, “The Land,” 1921 (Full Article)

cd 1921 the land

Christopher Dawson, “Catholicism and Economics,” 1924 (3 full articles)

One of Dawson’s most controversial pieces, the three-part analysis of economics and Catholic theology.  It should be remembered that Dawson drastically changed his ideas about the role of government as he witnessed the horrors of Nationalism, communism, fascism,… Read More

E.I. Watkin, “The Catholic Centre,” 1939

catholic centre eiw 1939

E.I. Watkin, “Poetry and Mysticism”

Few remember E.I. Watkins, but he once stood at the forefront of the Catholic Literary Revival.  If he’s remembered today, it is as Christopher Dawson’s best friend. Here’s an excellent piece from him.  Enjoy. poetry and mysticism eiw