The REAL Hillsdale College

True Educational Reform

  [From a few years ago. . .] As I had mentioned in a previous post, I’m heading to Indianapolis this weekend for a conference on the meaning of liberty and education. One of the finest books I’ve… Read More

Russell Kirk, A Proposal to Reform American Colleges, 1957

rak american college 1957

Russell Kirk’s Guide to Choosing a College

Here’s a great and insightful piece on seeking a proper college education.  Some of the schools and facts are dated (very dated), but the advice overall is still sound. rak art of choosing a college 1981

Books Every High School Senior Should Read: Russell Kirk, 1979

In 1979, Russell Kirk offered a list of books that every entering college student should’ve read before arriving on campus for day one of freshman year.  Not surprisingly, it’s a rather shocking and challenging list in 2015.  It… Read More

Christopher Dawson, Introduction to 1943 Book on Education

cd 1943 education copy

Barzun, “The Great Books,” 1949

Source: Jacques Barzun, “The Great Books,” Atlantic Monthly 190 (1949): 79-81. barzun great books 1949