The REAL Hillsdale College

True Educational Reform

  [From a few years ago. . .] As I had mentioned in a previous post, I’m heading to Indianapolis this weekend for a conference on the meaning of liberty and education. One of the finest books I’ve… Read More

Russell Kirk, A Proposal to Reform American Colleges, 1957

rak american college 1957

Russell Kirk’s Guide to Choosing a College

Here’s a great and insightful piece on seeking a proper college education.  Some of the schools and facts are dated (very dated), but the advice overall is still sound. rak art of choosing a college 1981

Books Every High School Senior Should Read: Russell Kirk, 1979

In 1979, Russell Kirk offered a list of books that every entering college student should’ve read before arriving on campus for day one of freshman year.  Not surprisingly, it’s a rather shocking and challenging list in 2015.  It… Read More

Christopher Dawson, Introduction to 1943 Book on Education

cd 1943 education copy

Barzun, “The Great Books,” 1949

Source: Jacques Barzun, “The Great Books,” Atlantic Monthly 190 (1949): 79-81. barzun great books 1949

Russell Kirk, “Humane Letters and Modern Fragmentation,” 1960

SOURCE: Russell Kirk, “Humane Letters and Modern Fragmentation,” CATHOLIC MIND 60 (November 1962): 4-10. rak humane letters 1962

Selections from Albert Jay Nock’s THEORY OF EDUCATION

“I trust, however, that you will allow me to regard it also as the impersonal welcome offered by citizens of the great republic of letters to another citizens whose only credentials and recommendations are those with which his… Read More

Russell Kirk on Spoiled Priests and the Truly Humane, 1957

“’He that lives in a college, after his mind is sufficiently stocked with learning,’ Edmund Burke wrote while he was still a young man, ‘is like a man who, having built and rigged a ship, should lock her… Read More

Russell Kirk on Irving Babbitt and Liberal Education

“We may define Babbitt’s humanism as the belief that man is a distinct being, government by laws peculiar to his nature: there is a law for man, and law for thing. Man stands higher than the beasts that… Read More