Dare We Hope? Deleting the State.

Happy birthday to my wonderful friend and ally in this crazy world, Aeon Skoble.  Here is my review of his 2008 book, a book I want very much to be true, whatever skepticisms linger (about the idea, not… Read More


My very first ever published book review. Terry L. Anderson, Sovereign Nations or Reservations?: An Economic History of American Indians (San Francisco: Pacific Research Institute for Public Policy, 1995), xvii + 202 pages.ISBN: 0-036488-81-6.  Forward by Wilcomb E…. Read More

Why The Graphic Novel Matters: Watchmen

The story of The Watchmen takes place in an alternative or parallel 1985, a world deeply cynical, a world that found no solace after Nixon. Actually, somehow in 1985, Richard Nixon is still the president of the United States. The… Read More

Albert Jay Nock, 20th-Century DemiGod

There are a number of writers who both inspire and humble me.  Albert Jay Nock, perhaps the most individual of individualists, almost always floors me when I read him.  He enlivens my soul and my mind, but he… Read More

Selections from Albert Jay Nock’s THEORY OF EDUCATION

“I trust, however, that you will allow me to regard it also as the impersonal welcome offered by citizens of the great republic of letters to another citizens whose only credentials and recommendations are those with which his… Read More