Catholic Anarchy?

A close friend do of mine asked me how to explain the connection between Catholicism and philosophical anarchism (as in Tolkien’s beliefs).   Here’s my response, for what it’s worth. *** First, I try not to use the… Read More

Russell Kirk, “Does the State Build Homes?” 1949

rak state build homes 1949

Anti-Statism and Christopher Dawson

Some of my favorite Dawson quotes from BEYOND POLITICS, 1939: The “coming together of politics and economics involved the death of the liberal State and the emergence of a new type of community which whether we call it… Read More

Catholicism and Leviathan

  To understand politics and the political, we must first recognize its place in the order of existence and its limitation. I do fear that, as a whole, western society has come to think of the state (meaning… Read More