Dawson, “Ploughing a Lone Furrow,” 1960

A really nice autobiographical piece Dawson wrote.  An examination of his life as a non-academic scholar. cd ploughing 1960

World Student Interviews Christopher Dawson, 1959

From a periodical I’d never heard of before my academic work on Christopher Dawson.  Good interview, however. interview with Christopher Dawson 1959

Michael Novak Interviews Christopher Dawson, 1961

cd undistracted philo 1961


One of Dawson’s little known and little-remembered pieces and one of his best.  TRADITION AND INHERITANCE was an attempt to write an autobiography from the standpoint of family rather than individual.  A beautiful idea, but it proved too… Read More

Third Interview with Christopher Dawson, 1961

third interview with CD 1961

Second Interview with Christopher Dawson 1961

“They’ve got their history wrong.  The best fruits came precisely from Christian humanism.  When Christianity and humanism touch, the best things emerge.” “The great Christian humanists, men like St. Thomas More, Vives, Erasmus, Castellion and others, were ever… Read More

Interviews with Maritain, Gilson, and Dawson

Interesting United Nations book exploring various western religions.  Published in 1964. Interviews with Jacques Maritain, Etienne Gilson, and Christopher Dawson. interviews with maritain gilson dawson

A Review of Christopher Dawson’s MEDIEVAL RELIGION (1934)

American Review of Dawson medieval religion

Christopher Dawson, “The Land,” 1921 (Full Article)

cd 1921 the land

Christopher Dawson, “Christianity and the Idea of Progress,” 1927 (Full Article)

CD 1927 Christianity and the Idea of Progress

Christopher Dawson, “Catholicism and Economics,” 1924 (3 full articles)

One of Dawson’s most controversial pieces, the three-part analysis of economics and Catholic theology.  It should be remembered that Dawson drastically changed his ideas about the role of government as he witnessed the horrors of Nationalism, communism, fascism,… Read More

Christopher Dawson, “Religion and the Life of Civilization,” 1925 (Full chapter)

CD 1925 Religion and the Life of Civilization