The Crito (Full Lecture)

  One of the greats, to be sure–Socrates in his last moments.

Machiavelli vs. Socrates (Full Lecture)

A rather in-depth look at how Machiavelli inverted the western Socratic project.  Please note two things: 1) I’m terribly biased in this lecture; and 2) I tell a beautiful (at least to me) but personal story of my… Read More

Socratic Ethics and Platonic Democracy

Lecture 10 of Western Heritage: Socrates on Ethics and Plato on Democracy.

Reflections on South Sudan (III)

Since returning from my trip to South Sudan several weeks ago, a number of people have asked me how visiting one of the poorest, most violent countries in the world has affected my belief in God. The question usually… Read More

University Bookman, Winter 1975 (Full Issue)

A seminal issue of the Bookman.  Every article deals with a book Kirk considered to be one of the most important of the 1970s: William T. Couch’s THE HUMAN POTENTIAL. University Bookman, Winter 1975 (full issue)