Reflections on South Sudan (III)

Since returning from my trip to South Sudan several weeks ago, a number of people have asked me how visiting one of the poorest, most violent countries in the world has affected my belief in God. The question usually… Read More

Reflections on South Sudan (II)

Last week, a friend of mine invited me over for tea, wanting to hear all about my recent trip to South Sudan with Seed Effect. I expected her to ask me what it was like in South Sudan,… Read More

Reflections on South Sudan

During the first two weeks of August, I traveled to South Sudan as a volunteer with a Christian microfinance nonprofit called Seed Effect (I wrote more about the experience here and here). Since returning to Dallas, I can’t count the number of… Read More

Please Help: Fundraiser for Elizabeth Hamilton

One of my former Hillsdale students, Elizabeth Hamilton–a lovely and brilliant young woman–is raising $4,500 for a mission trip to South Sudan.  Please consider helping her.  She’s well worth supporting.  PROMISE!