Barry Goldwater’s 1962 Notre Dame Address

Though Russell Kirk only wrote two speeches for Senator Barry Goldwater, they were very, very good speeches. The two men made a mighty and rather natural team, bringing the best out of each other. Here’s the one he… Read More

Protesting Obama at Notre Dame in 2009

I’m not at all sure why so many of my social media friends are offended or upset about graduation protests this year.  I did everything I could (including adding a line or two to the main protest speech) when… Read More

Virtue and Sacrifice: Hillsdale and Notre Dame

Over at Winston Elliott’s brilliant website, The Imaginative Conservative, I had the honor to write about the necessity of connecting liberty to sacrifice as understood through the students of two of the best colleges: Notre Dame and Hillsdale…. Read More

Father Marvin O’Connell: One of the Greats

Not one of his students would ever accuse Father O’Connell of softness, favoritism, or sloth.  He was a fierce man, a fierce priest, and a fierce professor.  He possessed perhaps the most penetrating and intelligent eyes and brow… Read More

Goldwater at Notre Dame, Feb. 1962

The following is a link to Barry Goldwater’s speech—one of his best—given at Notre Dame, February 1962. Goldwater’s ally and friend, Russell Kirk, actually wrote the speech for the Arizona senator. By all accounts, the University of Notre Dame… Read More

American Birthrates, Colonial-1870

While an undergraduate at the University of Notre Dame (B.A., 1990), I had the immense pleasure of working with Professor Walter T.K. Nugent, a scholar of remarkable talents.  Not only did he serve as one of my main… Read More

Do I Deserve Hazing? My first academic paper on Tolkien, 1988

In the fall of 1988, I returned to the University of Notre Dame after having spent my sophomore year (July 1987-July 1988) at the University of Innsbruck, Austria.  When I saw that a famous Platonist in the philosophy… Read More