Blacks During Reconstruction (Study Guide)

Reconstruction study guide: What happened to Blacks? Lincoln died before he could fully articulate his own vision, but we do have some glimpses.  Lincoln and his cabinet launched a plan to remove and colonize the ex-slaves somewhere in… Read More

Reconstruction Study Guide

  Reconstruction Study Sheet: Birzer Three big questions being asked: What to do with the Southern states? Which is more powerful–the Legislative or Executive branches? What to do with 4 million emancipated slaves? Each question carried with it… Read More

Civil War Battle Study Guide

Birzer Civil War Study Guide, Spring 2017 Battles to Know/Army of the Potomac Leaders (No naval battles listed)   1861 Battle of First Bull Run Battles of Wilson’s Creek/Lexington (Missouri) Battle of Ball’s Bluff   1862 Battle of… Read More

Reconstruction (Full Lecture)


Abraham Lincoln (Full Lecture)


Civil War Midterm Study Guide, 2017

Midterm 2017 Study Guide; Sectionalism and Civil War Instructor, grader, and would-be arbitrary Potentate: Bradley J. Birzer the Pitt Elder   Section 1: Essay.  “Explain the causes of the Civil War.” To cover the topic fully, you should… Read More

Collapse of the American Republic, 1846-1856 (Full Lecture)

A lecture from my Civil War course–how the republic fell apart, 1846-1856.  From invading Mexico to the sack of Lawrence.