Civil War Midterm Study Guide, 2017


Yes, I favor some good things, but I’m still a terrorist!

Midterm 2017 Study Guide; Sectionalism and Civil War

Instructor, grader, and would-be arbitrary Potentate: Bradley J. Birzer the Pitt Elder


Section 1: Essay.  “Explain the causes of the Civil War.” To cover the topic fully, you should include the issues discussed over the past eight weeks: slavery, nationalism, republican thought, economics, religion, demographics, the constitution and politics, etc.  Please remember that you are making an argument and must support it with appropriate evidence—from lectures as well as from the assigned readings in the course.


Section 2: Definitions.  I will give you four (4) terms, and you will need to define two (2) of them.  To answer correctly, you must address the how, what, who, where, when, and why of each. Possible I.D.s:



Abraham Lincoln


“Bleeding Kansas”

“popular sovereignty”

1850 Fugitive Slave Law

Compromise of 1850

Democratic Party

James Buchanan

Jefferson Davis

John Brown

Kansas-Nebraska Act

Missouri Compromise of 1820

Prigg v. Pennsylvania

Robert Anderson

Republican Party

Slavery, importation of. . .

Uncle Tom’s Cabin

Wilmot Proviso



Section 3: 25 short answers.  A mix of sorting, fill-in the blanks, quote identifications, and multiple choice.

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