Civil War Battle Study Guide

Birzer Civil War Study Guide, Spring 2017 Battles to Know/Army of the Potomac Leaders (No naval battles listed)   1861 Battle of First Bull Run Battles of Wilson’s Creek/Lexington (Missouri) Battle of Ball’s Bluff   1862 Battle of… Read More

Why Soldiers Fought in the Civil War (Full Lecture)

The Gettysburg Address (Full Lecture)


Abraham Lincoln (Full Lecture)


Civil War Midterm Study Guide, 2017

Midterm 2017 Study Guide; Sectionalism and Civil War Instructor, grader, and would-be arbitrary Potentate: Bradley J. Birzer the Pitt Elder   Section 1: Essay.  “Explain the causes of the Civil War.” To cover the topic fully, you should… Read More

Collapse of the American Republic, 1846-1856 (Full Lecture)

A lecture from my Civil War course–how the republic fell apart, 1846-1856.  From invading Mexico to the sack of Lawrence.