Civil War Battle Study Guide

battle-of-lookout-mountain-1Birzer Civil War Study Guide, Spring 2017

Battles to Know/Army of the Potomac Leaders (No naval battles listed)



Battle of First Bull Run

Battles of Wilson’s Creek/Lexington (Missouri)

Battle of Ball’s Bluff



Battle of Forts Henry and Donelson

Battle of Shiloh

New Mexico/Southwest Campaign

The Peninsular Campaign

Antietam Campaign

Battle of Fredericksburg



Gettysburg Campaign

Vicksburg Campaign

Battle of Fort Wagner (54th Mass.)

Chattanooga Campaign



Atlanta Campaign

Wilderness Campaign



Siege at Petersburg


Army of the Potomac (Main Union army, eastern theater) Leaders

  • Irvin McDowell, 1861
  • George McClellan, 1861-1862
  • Ambrose Burnside, 1862-1863
  • Joseph Hooker, 1863
  • George Meade, 1863-1865
  • U.S. Grant (though, Meade still technically in charge), 1864-1865


William T. Sherman, Army of the West, 1864-1865

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