A Brilliant Death: My Grandmother, 2003

Probably few who passed my grandmother on the street would have thought of her as a “great woman.”  Yet, I would beg to differ.  Not that anyone is passing her now.  At least if they are, they’re more… Read More

No Safe Spaces: My Ancestors Arrive in Kansas, 1876

An actual description of my great, great, great grandparents arriving in Hays, Kansas: “Their presence is unmistakable; for where they are there is also something else, – a smell so pungent and potent as to make a strong… Read More

Solemnity of St. Joseph the Worker

Every year on March 19th, my mother’s side of the family, the Volga (Russian) Germans, recited their prayer/vow to God. O God, whose attribute it is to be always merciful and to spare, protect us through the intercession… Read More