Available for Pre-Order–My Biography of Andrew Jackson

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Arriving on your book shelf, September 10, 2018.  Published by Regnery.  Order here.

I just found out recently that my quirky (and, I hope, lively and thoughtful) biography of Andrew Jackson comes out on September 10, 2018, just four days after I turn 51.  How great is that?

And, yes, Andrew Jackson was brutal toward the Indians.  Strangely, though, Jackson could be extremely compassionate and sympathetic toward them as well.  Not only did he NOT fight American Indian women or children, he threatened execution of any one who did.

And, yes, he really employed every ounce of his personal power to extend (maybe overreach) the executive branch.  Believe me, I’m not thrilled about this aspect of the man.  Yet, like Marshall with the Supreme Court before him, he sought not to make the executive more powerful than the judiciary or legislative, but to place it on an equal level with each.

Frankly, I’ve never “met” such an honest and violent man.  There is no doubt he believed in a republic, but he thought that republic could only be attained and maintained through extraordinary means.  Yet, I can say with equal ferocity, the man was as honest as the day was long.  He would’ve considered a lie of any kind as an indication that he was not a real man.  He would’ve much rather suffered death than dishonesty and loss of reputation.

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