Andrew Jackson as Florida Governor

The grand folks at The Imaginative Conservative continue to publish my “director’s cut” pieces from my forthcoming book, IN DEFENSE OF ANDREW JACKSON, out September 10, 2018, by Regnery. Though Andrew Jackson only served a very short term… Read More

Paul Rahe’s De Tocqueville

From a response, “Republican Virtue, Democratic Spirit,” delivered on April 7, 2009, at Hillsdale College to Paul Rahe’s excellent work on Alexis De Tocqueville. Thank you, Professor Schlueter for organizing this and for inviting me to speak.  Thank… Read More

Tocqueville: Aristocracy and Soft Despotism (Full Lecture)

Democracy in America, Part I (Full Lecture)

Why Democracy Despises Friendship: C.S. Lewis

From C.S. Lewis, FOUR LOVES: It is therefore easy to see why Authority frowns on Friendship. Every real Friendship is a sort of secession, even a rebellion. In each knot of Friends there is a sectional “public opinion”… Read More

Vote, Or Demos Will Kill You

So, I’m in favor of voting as well, but I can’t believe a group would advocate such tapioca conformity and bullying.  The mob will destroy you if you don’t join the mob!  Something out of a Shirley Jackson… Read More