What is the American Republic (Full Lecture)

The audio quality is pretty weak, and there are a few minutes of noise and confusion at the beginning.  Apologies!  I’ll do better on Monday. Regardless, my examination of Protestantism, liberalism, and, especially, republicanism in the 1760s and… Read More

Common Law and Natural Rights (Full Lecture)

Finishing the Awakenings and Enlightenment section, transitioning into the American Revolution. As we approach, a discussion on common law, natural rights, natural law, and James Otis. As John Adams later wrote, the entirety of the American Revolution began… Read More

The First Great Awakening (Full Lecture)

A look at America’s first great awakening as well as the rise of the enlightenment(s).

Colonial Pennsylvania and Maryland (Full Lecture)

Behold!  Attempts at religious freedom in two colonies.  Full lecture. Comments more than welcome.

Procreative America: The Colonial Period (Full Lecture)

Why and how (not biology 1o1!) American English colonials had lots and lots and lots and lots of kids.  And, why having kids matters.

The New England Way (Full Lecture)

American Heritage lecture–the New England Way.  Why the Puritans matter.

Spring 2017 American Heritage Syllabus

American Heritage H105; Spring 2017; Lane 125 MWF, 10:00-10:50, 11:00-11:50 Instructor: Dr. Bradley J. Birzer   Required Readings Hillsdale College History Department, ed., American Heritage: A Reader Secondary history text (via the bookstore) A variety of handouts/email attachments;… Read More