The 1950s (Full Lecture)

C. Wright Mills, Russell Kirk, conformism, TV, the Military Industrial Complex, love, and rock n roll.


I found out late yesterday afternoon that the University Press of Kentucky will be publishing RUSSELL KIRK: AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE in paperback for their spring 2018 list. How great is this???  I’m thrilled. I’m not sure how many changes… Read More

Blacks During Reconstruction (Study Guide)

Reconstruction study guide: What happened to Blacks? Lincoln died before he could fully articulate his own vision, but we do have some glimpses.  Lincoln and his cabinet launched a plan to remove and colonize the ex-slaves somewhere in… Read More

Reconstruction Study Guide

  Reconstruction Study Sheet: Birzer Three big questions being asked: What to do with the Southern states? Which is more powerful–the Legislative or Executive branches? What to do with 4 million emancipated slaves? Each question carried with it… Read More

The Great Depression (Full Lecture)

Why the 1930s were “red.”

TR, Wilson, or Coolidge? (full lecture)

“When a man begins to feel that he is the only one who can lead in this republic, he is guilty of treason to the spirit of our institution.”–The Autobiography of Calvin Coolidge

Progressivism’s Origins: In Pure and Unadulterated Racism

Just a quick note–the quotes below from E.A. Ross–a leading public intellectual during the Progressive Era–are quite disturbing and despicable.  Still, when Progressives claim they favor equality, they must at least acknowledge their rather brutal past.  Ross’s views… Read More

Horrors of Communism (Full Lecture)

With an emphasis on the Hiss-Chambers trial, the horrors of communism.

The “Machine” of Ideology (Full Lecture)

My follow-up to last week’s talk on Progressivism.  Now, the meaning of ideology and its inherent and inevitable demeaning of the human person.  All ideologies–left and right.

Reconstruction (Full Lecture)


Why Soldiers Fought in the Civil War (Full Lecture)

The Gettysburg Address (Full Lecture)