Abraham Lincoln (Full Lecture)


John C. Calhoun: Brilliant Enigma (Full Lecture)

Five Points to Understand The Thought of John C. Calhoun

I.  Pre-Compromise of 1820 Nationalism Let it not be forgotten, let it be forever kept in mind, that the extent of the republic exposes us to the greatest of calamities—disunion,” Calhoun warned as Secretary of War in February… Read More

Democratic Party Origins (Full Lecture)

The origins of the Democratic Party, the unconstitutionality of parties, and the arrival of Manifest Destiny.  Full lecture.

Tocqueville: Aristocracy and Soft Despotism (Full Lecture)

The Second Great Awakening (Full Lecture)

Yesterday, my flu was still lingering, but it wasn’t incapacitating.  Still, if my lecture seems a bit off, blame in on the flu!!!  Or, the inadequacies of my brain. An examination of the rise of the democratic and… Read More

Agrarianism and Early Republic (Full Lecture)

I hope those of you enjoying these lectures (or at least listening to them!) will forgive me.  I’ve had the flu over the three days, and I’m not exactly sure how coherent my talks are. Here is Wednesday’s… Read More

U.S. Sectionalism Timeline, 1855-1859

1855-1856: Rival Legislatures established in territorial Kansas Lecompton: Slave Topeka/Lawrence: Free State (Jayhawk)   November 1855: “Battle” of the Wakarusa River   May 19-20, 1856: Senator Charles Sumner’s two-day “Crime Against Kansas” speech

The Constitutional Convention (Full Lecture)

A Fulsome Thank You to Liberty Fund

My American Heritage class expressing its thanks to Christine Dunn Henderson and Mark Yellin for their fine work on the play, CATO: A TRAGEDY.

The Natural Life of a Republic (Full Lecture)

My American Heritage lecture for February 8, 2017: the life of a republic and why it reflects the best in human and divine nature.

Free Minds and Free Peoples

Gerald Russello, editor of Kirk’s UNIVERSITY BOOKMAN, kindly asked me to participate in a symposium: how should a conservative think about immigration.  Here’s a link to the whole discussion: Here’s my brief response: When Secretary of State,… Read More