University Bookman V17 N1 Autumn 1976 (Full Issue)

ub V27 N1 Autumn 1976

University Bookman V23 N4 Summer 1983 (Full Issue)

Weak issue.  Only two articles: one on maintaining quality at private colleges and another on why a conservative shouldn’t like Thomas Jefferson. UB Summer 1983

University Bookman V23 N3 Spring 1983 (Full Issue)

UB V23 N3 Spring 1983 Another good, not great, issue.  With articles by Thomas Molnar and one about Orestes Brownson.

University Bookman V23 N1 Autumn 1982 (Full Issue)

An excellent piece on Paul Elmer More by T. John Jamieson and RAK’s obit of Warren Fleischauer. university bookman autumn 1982

University Bookman V20 N3 Spring 1980 (Full Issue)

Good, not great issue: with articles by Louis Filler, Sam Francis, and John Pafford. UB Spring 1980 (Full Issue)

University Bookman V31 N1 1991 (Full Issue)

UB v32 n1 1991

University Bookman V33 N2 1993 (Full Issue)

Good issue.  Articles by/about John Courtney Murray, Mark Henrie, Vigen Guroian, Gary Gregg, Edward Ericson, and Camile Paglia. ub v33 n2 1993

University Bookman V32 N4 1992 (Full Issue)

Another good issue with pieces by/about Russell Kirk, Wilhelm Roepke, Ralph Ancil, Albert Jay Nock, Edmund Opitz, and Ben Lockerd. ub v32 n4 1992

University Bookman V33 N3 1993 (Full Issue)

Good issues with pieces on or by Russell Kirk, Clyde Wilson, M.E. Bradford, Peter Stanlis, and Scott Richert. ub 33 3 1993

University Bookman V 33 N 1 1993 (Full Issue)

ub 33 1 1993

University Bookman V 32 N 3 1992 (Full Issue)

ub 32 3 1992

University Bookman Vol 28 No 2 1988 (Full Issue)

Full issue of University Bookman.  The best: Father Schall’s article, “The Great Culture.”  Enjoy. ub 28 2 1988