University Bookman, Spring 1974 (Full Issue)

Strong issue with pieces by James McClellan and Regis Courtemanche.  Also, a nice article on Paul Elmer More. university bookman spring 1974

University Bookman, Winter 1973 (Full Issue)

The second article, “Literature and Radicalism,” by Edward Ericson is excellent. university bookman Winter 1973

University Bookman, Autumn 1972 (full issue)

A nice if not particularly remarkable issue of Kirk’s THE UNIVERSITY BOOKMAN. university bookman autumn 1972

University Bookman (Summer 1972), full issue

Summer 1972: articles about local schools; a Spanish de Tocqueville; and Mortimer J. Adler. university bookman (summer 1972)

University Bookman (Spring 1972), full issue

Great issue of the University Bookman.  Featuring an article by Father James Schall and a review of Kirk’s book on T.S. Eliot. university bookman (Spring 1972)

University Bookman (Winter 1972), full issue

university bookman winter 1972

University Bookman (Autumn 1971), full issue

university bookman autumn 1971

University Bookman (Winter 1971), full issue

university bookman winter 1971

University Bookman (Autumn 1970), full issue

Excellent issue from 1970.  With pieces by Claes Ryn, Warren Fleischauer, and Wes McDonald. ub autumn 1970

University Bookman (full), Winter 1967

And, lo and behold, a second issue scanned in one evening.  Winter 1967.  Vol. 7, No. 2. Includes an excellent article by George Scott-Moncrieff on education in the U.K. ub Winter 1967 full

University Bookman, Winter 1984 (Full)

The Winter 1984 edition of Russell Kirk’s journal, The University Bookman.  This appears to be a double issue, complete with two poems, a discussion of the Socratic method of teaching, and several interesting book reviews.  Enjoy. ub Winter… Read More

University Bookman, Spring 1966 (full issue)

And, the latest scan of the University Bookman, founded and edited (until his death in 1994) by Russell Kirk. Highlights of this issue: the mixed blessing of the AAUP; the meaning of fiction, and the “Unweaned Colossus.” Enjoy…. Read More