University Bookman Vol 34 No 1 1994 (Full Issue)

ub vol 34 no 1 1994

University Bookman Vol 30 No 4 1990 (Full Issue)

ub vol 30 no 4 1990

University Bookman vol 30 no 2 1990 (Full Issue)

ub vol 30 no 2 1990

University Bookman vol 30 no 3 1990 (Full Issue)

ub vol 30 no 3 1990

University Bookman vol 30 no 1 1990 (Full Issue)

Good issue with pieces by Ben Lockerd, Raymond English, and Ralph de Toledo. ub v30 no1 1990

University Bookman vol 29 no 4 1989 (Full Issue)

Another fine issue with contributions from M.E. Bradford, Wes McDonald, and Dan Sundahl. UB vol 29 no 4 1989

University Bookman v 29 no 2 1989 (Full Issue)

UB 1989 v 29 no 2 Nice issue with pieces by Forrest McDonald, Ivan Pongracic, Ben Lockerd, and Cecilia Kirk Nelson.

University Bookman, Summer 1975 (Full Issue)

UB Summer 1975

University Bookman, Spring 1975 (Full Issue)

University Bookman Spring 1975

University Bookman, Winter 1975 (Full Issue)

A seminal issue of the Bookman.  Every article deals with a book Kirk considered to be one of the most important of the 1970s: William T. Couch’s THE HUMAN POTENTIAL. University Bookman, Winter 1975 (full issue)

University Bookman, Autumn 1974 (Full Issue)

Now, this is an issue!  It gets an A rather than an A+, only because Kirk didn’t write anything directly for it. Articles by Robert Speaight, Father Schall, and Thomas Howard. . . dealing with Russell Kirk, Mother… Read More

University Bookman, Summer 1974 (Full Issue)

university bookman summer 1974