University Bookman Winter 1966 (Full Issue)

Interesting issue featuring articles on Vienna, the nature of poetry, and Catholic education. ub winter 1966

University Bookman V31 N4 1991

ub v31 n4 1991

University Bookman V31 N3 1991

Nice issue with pieces by Dante Germino and Stephen Tonsor. ub v31 n3 1991

Another Incredible Issue of University Bookman: V32 N2 1992

Another amazing issue, including a fine piece by Kirk, “Will Our Culture Endure?” ub v32 n2 1992

University Bookman V32 N1 1992: A Great Issue

The University Bookman at its best: two pieces by Russell Kirk as well as responses and article by Ben Lockerd, Thomas Molnar, and Michael Jordan. ub v32 n1 1992

University Bookman Issues 1989, 1993-1994

ub v29 n1 1989 ub v33 n4 1993 ub v34 n3 1994 ub v34 n4 1994

University Bookman Issues, 1987-1988

ub spring 1987 ub summer 1987 ub 1987 n5 ub v28 no1 1988 ub v28 n3 1988 ub v 28 n4 1988

Four Issues of University Bookman, 1985-1986

Autumn 1985: Articles by Jerry Fallon, Cecilia Kirk, John Afford, and L. John Van Til. ub autumn 1985 Winter 1985: Article by Bill McCann ub winter 1985 Summer 1986: Articles by David Forte and Claes Ryn. ub summer… Read More

University Bookman V25 N1 Autumn 1984 (Full Issue)

Excellent piece on George Orwell by John Rodden. UB Autumn 1984

University Bookman V24 N4 Summer 1984 (Full Issue)

UB Summer 1984 Great piece (first article) on Malcom Muggeridge.

University Bookman V24 N3 Spring 1984 (Full Issue)

ub spring 1984 Wild issue: Catholicism; Gnosticism; Southern Protestantism; and Magic.

University Bookman V24 N1 Autumn 1983 (Full Issue)

Excellent issue featuring Father James Schall on prayer and fasting for bureaucrats. ub autumn 1983