Irving Babbitt’s ON BEING CREATIVE (Full Book)

This was Babbitt’s last published book, ON BEING CREATIVE.  It came out in 1932, and he passed away in the summer of the following year.  As such, it reveals much about the great man’s last thoughts regarding a… Read More

Irving Babbitt, ON BEING CREATIVE (full)

Babbitt’s last work before he passed away, ON BEING CREATIVE.  A brilliant final look at humanism. babbitt-on-being-creative

Irving Babbitt, THE NEW LAOKOON (full book)

Irving Babbitt’s second published book, THE NEW LAOKOON: AN ESSAY ON THE CONFUSION OF THE ARTS (Boston, MA: Riverside Press, 1910). This is a gorgeous book on the meaning of art within the humanist mindset and discipline.  Enjoy…. Read More

Russell Kirk, “The Inhumane Businessman,” 1957

This is not only one of Kirk’s finest pieces overall, but it’s also arguably his best dealing with the issue of humanism.  Enjoy. Apologies for the poor formatting. rak inhumane businessman

Sewanee Review on Humanism, 1930

sewanee on humanism 1930

Remembering Irving Babbitt, 1936

Source: G.R. Elliott, “Irving Babbitt as I Knew Him,” AMERICAN REVIEW 8 (1936-1937): 36-60. gr elliott on babbitt

Paul Elmer More, PAGES FROM AN OXFORD DIARY (full book)

Certainly one of the most powerful books I’ve ever read.  More finished it only days before his own death. pem pages from an oxford diary

Correspondence of Paul Elmer More and Stuart Sherman

Source: Jacob Zeitlin, ed., “Stuart P. Sherman and Paul Elmer More,” THE BOOKMAN (September 1929): 43-53. letters of sherman and pem