BLOODED: Brilliant Horror by Chuck Dixon

Review of Chuck Dixon, Blooded: A Novel with Teeth (Bruno Books, 2017). Blooded is a gripping, driving, and, at times, disturbing story of a real estate agent who becomes stupidly amorous with a hookup in a bar. No… Read More

At TAC: Life in Hawkins, Indiana, 1983

STRANGER THINGS is bloody and gruesome and, strangely, quite heroic and beautiful. There’s definitely no gloss on any thing. What appears good is really just apathy and conformity and what is broken must overcome brokenness to find heroism… Read More

Over at TIC: Salem’s Lot

Why I love the novel, Salem’s Lot, by Stephen King.  Over at The Imaginative Conservative:


Russell Kirk’s LORD OF THE HOLLOW DARK is not merely my favorite Kirk book, it is one of my favorite books, period.  It is an amazing horror story, full of real evil and real good. The good, not… Read More