Kirk, “Roots of Our Civilization,” 1967

SOURCE: Russell Kirk, “Roots of Our Civilization,” PHALANX 1 (Spring 1967): 9-14. rak 1967 roots

Dawson, “The Claims of Politics,” 1939.

Source: Christopher Dawson, “The Claims of Politics,” SCRUTINY 8 (September 1939): 136-141. cd claims of politics

Allen Tate on the Man of Letters

Source: Allen Tate, “The Man of Letters in the Modern World,” WORLD REVIEW 44 (1952): 12-18. tate man of letters 1952

Allen Tate on Oswald Spengler, 1934

Source: Allen Tate, “Spengler’s Tract Against Liberalism,” AMERICAN REVIEW 3 (1934): 41-47. tate 1934 on spengler

University Bookman, Winter 1984 (Full)

The Winter 1984 edition of Russell Kirk’s journal, The University Bookman.  This appears to be a double issue, complete with two poems, a discussion of the Socratic method of teaching, and several interesting book reviews.  Enjoy. ub Winter… Read More

Lecture at UT-Chattanooga, Constitution Day

University Bookman, Summer 1980 (full version)

Kirk’s powerful journal, THE UNIVERSITY BOOKMAN, is now expertly edited by Gerald Russello. This issue–Vol. 20, No. 4–is reprinted here with kind encouragement from Annette Y.C. Kirk. Historian John Lukacs wrote the lead article.  Other pieces deal with… Read More

Further thoughts on the Massacre of Japanese Civilians, August 1945

Thanks to Winston Elliott III for reposting my three-year old piece on American crimes against Japanese civilians.  I must admit, I never cease to wonder at the responses that come as a defense of U.S. actions.  The only… Read More

University Bookman, Summer 1965 (Full Issue)

Edited by Russell Kirk, this issue of the University Bookman features articles by Thomas Molnar and Bill McCann.  The lead article, “Albert Camus,” by Molnar is especially good. Scanned and posted by permission of Annette Y. C. Kirk…. Read More

Kirk on James Fenimore Cooper, 1946

A fine early article by Kirk on one of his heroes, James Fenimore Cooper.  Source: Russell Kirk, “Cooper and the European Puzzle,” COLLEGE ENGLISH 7 (January 1946): 198-207. Enjoy. rak jfc euro puzzle 1946 copy

University Bookman Summer 1979

As I’m finishing (well, getting close to finishing) the main draft of my biography of Russell Kirk, I’ve had the chance and privilege to explore Kirk’s magazine, University Bookman.  Kirk founded it in 1960 and edited it until… Read More