The Philosophy Behind WW1 by Paul Elmer More, 1915

Another very intriguing article about the thought behind the warring power in the First World War. pem philosophy of war Source: Paul Elmer More, “The Philosophy of War,” THE UNPOPULAR REVIEW 3 (January-March 1915): 1-16.

Paul Elmer More, “The Lust for Empire,” 1914.

More’s rather intelligent screed against the philosophy behind World War I.  Enjoy. pem lust for empire Source: Paul Elmer More, “The Lust for Empire,” THE NATION (October 22, 1914), 493-495.

Further thoughts on the Massacre of Japanese Civilians, August 1945

Thanks to Winston Elliott III for reposting my three-year old piece on American crimes against Japanese civilians.  I must admit, I never cease to wonder at the responses that come as a defense of U.S. actions.  The only… Read More