Ralph Hauenstein, RIP

What a man.  I only had the privilege of meeting him a few times, but I thoroughly enjoyed his company.  And, he treated one of the men I respect most–Gleaves Whitney–with all due support and respect.  Thank you,… Read More

My Apologies to the Danes

If you had a chance to read the previous post, you’ll see that a Dane has properly and justly corrected an error I made four years ago.  My sincere apologies for not only writing in such a sloppy… Read More

An Explanation from Denmark: The Kingdom of Denmark During WWII

Dear Bradley J. Birzer We’re some regular Danish readers of The Imaginative Conservative. To our grave disappointment we came across an article released on October 9, 2011 about King Haakon VII of Norway in which you in the… Read More

Further thoughts on the Massacre of Japanese Civilians, August 1945

Thanks to Winston Elliott III for reposting my three-year old piece on American crimes against Japanese civilians.  I must admit, I never cease to wonder at the responses that come as a defense of U.S. actions.  The only… Read More

Russell Kirk Against Conscription, Part II

Russell Kirk’s second published attack on conscription.  Source: South Atlantic Quarterly (July 1946).  Enjoy. rak conscript infinite 1946