Dan McCarthy’s Most Recent Writings

My great friend (and, frankly, genius), Dan McCarthy’s most recent writings.  Well worth checking out. “We Might Need a Prince of the Potomac” in Law and Liberty; thoughts on Hayek, Machiavelli, power, and constitutionalism:   “The Proxy War,” in the University… Read More

X or MLK: Some Hesitant Reflections on Race

Over at The American Conservative (edited by the brilliant Dan McCarthy), I had the chance to offer some thoughts on the recent and exceedingly unpleasant re-arising of racial tensions in the United States. If one believes in the… Read More

Why Robert Nisbet Matters

I had a blast writing this article about one of my favorite thinkers, Robert Nisbet, for The American Conservative.   Thank you so much, Daniel McCarthy!

Biography and the Art of Being Human

A thought experiment: try to recreate everything you’ve done since you started reading this article. Every thought, every distraction, every movement, every feeling. Have you wanted some coffee? Have you thought about closing this page? Have you scratched that itch on… Read More

My Favorite Book of 2015

I am very grateful to my friend, Daniel McCarthy, for having invited me to write 300 words about my favorite book of 2015. For 2014, I went Hayekian and philosophical: Jim Otteson’s masterful THE END OF SOCIALISM. For… Read More