A Few Nice Nisbet Quotes

Nisbet LF

Robert Nisbet (1913-1996)

“Traditionalist we may choose to label Burke, but the fact is, few minds of stature have ever given more brilliant witness to rights, liberties and equities in the affairs of government”

“Insight into the nature of the totalitarian mind, complete with its passion for centralization and uniformity, for rationalist extirpation of tradition and prejudgment, and for an absolute moralism that would extend when necessary to terror was not so easily com by in the late 18th Century, and we owe Burke much for this first insight.”

–Robert Nisbet, “Burke’s Guide to Revolution,” Wall Street Journal (June 5, 1972), 12.


“Patriotism is indispensable to the American nation.  Nothing, however, corrupts and damages patriotism like war that is without relation to clear and compelling national interest.”

–Robert Nisbet, “War, Crisis, and Intellectuals,” Wall Street Journal (January 25, 1971), p. 10.

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