AFTER STRANGE GODS by T.S. Eliot (full book)

Certainly, one of Eliot’s greatest works, despite one unfortunate remark–which Eliot himself regretted.  Still, well worth reading.  Enjoy. tse after strange gods As always, my apologies for my marginalia and notes.

Paul Elmer More, PAGES FROM AN OXFORD DIARY (full book)

Certainly one of the most powerful books I’ve ever read.  More finished it only days before his own death. pem pages from an oxford diary

Correspondence of Paul Elmer More and Stuart Sherman

Source: Jacob Zeitlin, ed., “Stuart P. Sherman and Paul Elmer More,” THE BOOKMAN (September 1929): 43-53. letters of sherman and pem

Allen Tate on the Man of Letters

Source: Allen Tate, “The Man of Letters in the Modern World,” WORLD REVIEW 44 (1952): 12-18. tate man of letters 1952

Allen Tate, “American Poetry Since 1920,” 1928-1929

Source: Allen Tate, “American Poetry Since 1920,” THE BOOKMAN 68 (1928-1929): 503-508. tate on poetry 1929

Allen Tate, “The Fallacy of Humanism.”

Allen Tate, “The Fallacy of Humanism,” HOUND AND HORN 3: 234-258. tate fallacy of humanism

Allen Tate, “What is a Traditional Society”?

Source: Allen Tate, “What is a Traditional Society?” THE AMERICAN REVIEW 7 (1936): 376-387. tate traditional society 1936

Russell Kirk, “The Moral Conservatism of Hawthorne,” 1952.

Source: Russell Kirk, “The Moral Conservatism of Hawthorne,” CONTEMPORARY REVIEW 182 (1952): 361-366. rak hawthorne 1952