Friday meditation

I will fold your heart gently in a white paper packet. I will crimp the edges to tuck you in. Like a child in bed, you’ll be safe, surrounded, encircled in smoothness, protected within. With soft white sheets… Read More

John Betjeman Remembers T.S. Eliot as Teacher

John Betjeman, “The usher of Highgate Junior School,” in T.S. Eliot Symposium (Chicago, IL: Regnery, 1949), 89-92. In 1914-15 I spent two unsuccessful terms at Highgate Junior School. Mr Eliot was a tall, quiet usher there whom we… Read More

Allen Tate, “American Poetry Since 1920,” 1928-1929

Source: Allen Tate, “American Poetry Since 1920,” THE BOOKMAN 68 (1928-1929): 503-508. tate on poetry 1929