Lecture 9: Socrates, Part II

Continuing with Socrates, focusing on the purpose and deeper meaning (here’s hoping!) of THE CRITO. Western Heritage, Lecture 9.

Quick and Dirty Guide to Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle

Key concepts of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle (very hard to separate the three, one from another) Socrates (469-399b.c.); Plato (ca. 427-ca. 347b.c.); and Aristotle (385-322 b.c.) Teacher-student-student relationship Came at the very end of their civilization—but tied to… Read More

Western Heritage Lecture 8: Introducing Socrates

I needed to devote the first 22 or so minutes of class to “how to write a liberal arts essay,” so the actual lecture on Socrates is very short.  My apologies.  You might want to skip ahead 20… Read More

Gleaves Whitney on Stephen Tonsor

If you’re not had a chance yet, please make sure you check out Gleaves Whitney’s series of essays, reminiscences, and vignettes regarding his graduate school advisor, Stephen Tonsor. Though more or less forgotten now (as so many of… Read More

Irving Babbitt, ON BEING CREATIVE (full)

Babbitt’s last work before he passed away, ON BEING CREATIVE.  A brilliant final look at humanism. babbitt-on-being-creative

Irving Babbitt, THE NEW LAOKOON (full book)

Irving Babbitt’s second published book, THE NEW LAOKOON: AN ESSAY ON THE CONFUSION OF THE ARTS (Boston, MA: Riverside Press, 1910). This is a gorgeous book on the meaning of art within the humanist mindset and discipline.  Enjoy…. Read More

Lecture 7: The Origins of Greek Philosophy

Here’s one of my favorite topics–whether I do justice to it or not is another question–the origins of Greek philosophy.  Fire, air, water, soil, cycles, repetition, the One, the Many . . .

My Series on the First Principles of Edmund Burke

The Imaginative Conservative has graciously allowed me to explore the writings of Edmund Burke in a long series, going back to the first principles of conservatism. “After Burke defined and defended his “love of a manly, moral, regulated… Read More

Western Heritage Lecture 5: No God Kings

In my fifth lecture for the Western Heritage core course, I moved the class from the ancient Hebrews to the ancient Greeks, considering how each people(s) despised the notion of a God-King. In particular, I considered the roles… Read More

Western Heritage Lecture 4: Hebrews and Covenant

Lecture 4, if you’re keeping count.  This one, a focus on Genesis 17 and Exodus 3.  The relationship of Adam to Abraham to Moses.  Or, why God never changes but man’s understanding of Him does.   The previous… Read More

Western Heritage Lecture 3: Genesis 2-3

Ok, so, I’m getting a little behind, and it’s only the third day of MWF classes!  Here’s lecture 3, if you’re keeping count.  This one focuses (after a bit of housekeeping) specifically on chapters 2 and 3 of… Read More

Francois Mauriac, GOD AND MAMMON (Full book)

One of the most important Christian Humanists of the 20th century, Francois Mauriac is largely now forgotten.  Here’s the book Mauriac wrote for Christopher Dawson’s edited series, ESSAYS IN ORDER.  It would be, technically, vol. 15, though it’s… Read More