Dare We Hope? Deleting the State.

Happy birthday to my wonderful friend and ally in this crazy world, Aeon Skoble.  Here is my review of his 2008 book, a book I want very much to be true, whatever skepticisms linger (about the idea, not… Read More

Hawthorne and American Transcendentalism (Full Lecture)

Why Nationalism and Conservatism Are NOT Compatible

Thank you, Michael Lucchese.  You are an incredible young  man, and I’m deeply honored to be your friend.

My Latest at TIC: So Many Opinions, So Little News

Or, why the modern media frustrates me seemingly to no end. Over the past year, I’ve become so disillusioned by my traditional news sources as to become distraught. The BBC and Telegraph have become so hideously anti-American that I often think that… Read More

Dan McCarthy’s Most Recent Writings

My great friend (and, frankly, genius), Dan McCarthy’s most recent writings.  Well worth checking out. “We Might Need a Prince of the Potomac” in Law and Liberty; thoughts on Hayek, Machiavelli, power, and constitutionalism:   “The Proxy War,” in the University… Read More

Free Minds and Free Peoples

Gerald Russello, editor of Kirk’s UNIVERSITY BOOKMAN, kindly asked me to participate in a symposium: how should a conservative think about immigration.  Here’s a link to the whole discussion: Here’s my brief response: When Secretary of State,… Read More

The Imaginative Conservative Youtube’s Channel

The Imaginative Conservative now has its own Youtube station. 19 full videos. Great stuff.

A Conservative Reflection on the 2016 Presidential Election

  A brief version of this appeared at  A huge thank you to ISI for soliciting it.  Below is the director’s cut. *** As another presidential election cycle comes to a conclusion and a new one already… Read More

My Conversation with President Mohler

Last week, I had the great privilege of speaking with President Albert Mohler (Southern Baptist Theological Seminar) about conservatism, Russell Kirk, politics, culture, and religion.  One of the best interviews I’ve ever had.  Thank you so much, Dr…. Read More

BookTV Interview: Birzer on Russell Kirk (Full Video)

BookTV at Hillsdale: Russell Kirk

I had a great time on BookTV (or, as my kids call it: Reading Rainbow for Adults).  This was recorded at Hillsdale College, September 5, 2016.  The makeup person even trimmed my insanely academic and mad-scientist like eyebrows…. Read More

Plato’s God

A short, 30 minute lecture/discussion as I gave the first quiz of the semester.  The course lecture involved Plato’s understanding of the divine.  Enjoy.