Lecture 9: Socrates, Part II

socratesContinuing with Socrates, focusing on the purpose and deeper meaning (here’s hoping!) of THE CRITO.

Western Heritage, Lecture 9.

2 Comments on “Lecture 9: Socrates, Part II

  1. Thank you so much again for posting these lectures. Listening to them is truly the highlight of my week. So many of my professors in college were dry and academic, unwilling to make judgments about the big moments in history. As a young person I needed their guidance but in the name of objectivity, I suppose, they abstained. I’m listening to these lectures along with the Teaching Company’s The Development of European Civilization. That’s been a good listen; however, I must say I anticipate listening to these lectures more despite their being more concise in their coverage. I’ve learned so many things that for one reason or another have escaped me in my education and general reading on Western Civilization. I plan to save these lectures for my one and four year old when they get older. I know where my children are going to college. Also, thanks for posting pdfs of hard to get books and publications. I also read these. I’m so glad that in our society there remain outposts where our kids can receive a truly liberal arts education.

    • Hey, thank you! My apologies–but I just saw this comment an hour or so ago. I don’t get comments very often, so I don’t check enough. Glad to know the lectures mean something. I love the West–whatever it’s flaws, and it’s an incredible honor to talk about it every fall.

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