Kirk, “Roots of Our Civilization,” 1967

SOURCE: Russell Kirk, “Roots of Our Civilization,” PHALANX 1 (Spring 1967): 9-14. rak 1967 roots

Kirk, “Rebellion Against Boredom,” 1969

SOURCE: Russell Kirk, “Rebellion Against Boredom,” in Frederick Wilhelmsen, ed., SEEDS OF ANARCHY: A STUDY OF CAMPUS REVOLUTION (Dallas, TX: Argus Academic Press, 1969), 26-37. rak 1969 education rebellion vs boredom

Russell Kirk, “The Best Form of Government,” 1960

SOURCE: Russell Kirk, “The Best Form of Government,” CATHOLIC WORLD 192 (December 1960): 156-163. rak best govertnment

Selections from Romano Guardini’s LETTERS FROM LAKE COMO

“In truth, nature beings to relate to us only when we begin to indwell in it, when culture begins in it.  Culture then develops and, bit by bit, nature is refashioned.  We create our own world, shaped by… Read More

Selections from Albert Jay Nock’s THEORY OF EDUCATION

“I trust, however, that you will allow me to regard it also as the impersonal welcome offered by citizens of the great republic of letters to another citizens whose only credentials and recommendations are those with which his… Read More

Russell Kirk and a Return to Principle, 1956

“Ever since the Civil War, political thought has languished in the United States. For original political theory almost always is developed out of a time of troubles, when thinking men, forced to examine their first principles, seek means… Read More

Russell Kirk in the Ruins of Carthage, 1963

Nowhere are Roman ruins thicker than in Tunisia. For this, from the days when Scipio took Punic Carthage until the Vandals broke into the city, was the Province of Africa, wondrously rich and populous. St. Augustine was born… Read More

Russell Kirk on Spoiled Priests and the Truly Humane, 1957

“’He that lives in a college, after his mind is sufficiently stocked with learning,’ Edmund Burke wrote while he was still a young man, ‘is like a man who, having built and rigged a ship, should lock her… Read More

More Russell Kirk on Abraham Lincoln

As Americans continue celebrating, remembering, and analyzing the events of 150 years ago, the noble tragedy of the American Civil War, it is certainly worth considering the words of great and profound thinkers who have studied the event…. Read More

Russell Kirk on Abraham Lincoln, 1970

“As the Roman Republic was at the back of the minds of the framers of the American Constitution; it was their hope that the chief magistrate of these United States would conduct himself with “the high old Roman… Read More

My Notes/Index to the 1989 Edition of Prospects for Conservatives

Notes on Kirk, PROSPECTS FOR CONSERVATIVES, 1989 notes taken by Brad Birzer (May 10, 2002; revised on August 9, 2010) In preparation for August 13, 2010 CAI conference, Houston, Texas Me presiding/DL Winston’s 50th birthday *** Neither American… Read More

Russell Kirk on Irving Babbitt and Liberal Education

“We may define Babbitt’s humanism as the belief that man is a distinct being, government by laws peculiar to his nature: there is a law for man, and law for thing. Man stands higher than the beasts that… Read More