Russell Kirk on Alexis De Tocqueville, 1953

“Tocqueville is a writer who should be read not in abridgment, but wholly; for every sentence has significance, every observation sagacity. The two big volumes of Democracy in America are a mine of aphorisms, his Old Regime is… Read More

Kirk’s On the Shoulder of Giants (Selections)

“Thus there cannot be brothers and sisters in a mystical sense without a mystical father. There is no brotherhood of mankind, in short, without the fatherhood of God. The Christian calls this kinship in Christ.” (420-421) “Among the… Read More

From Russell Kirk’s 1954 Lecture to Chi Omega

“A friend of mine, about the time my book The Conservative Mind was published, told me that if I wanted to sell any copies, I ought to get the word “sex” into the title somehow, since only that… Read More

Russell Kirk, “The Great Education Debate,” 1961.

SOURCE: Russell Kirk, “The Great Education Debate 59 (May 1961): 4-7, 26, 28. rak divisive charge 1961

Russell Kirk, “The Intemperate Educator” 1961

Source: Russell Kirk, “The Intemperate Educator,” AMERICAN OPINION (November 1962): 23-30. rak intemperate educator 1961

Russell Kirk on Abraham Lincoln, 1954

kirk lincoln 1954

Dawson, “The Dark Mirror” (1930)

N.B.  This is one of Christopher Dawson’s most important pieces regarding the soul and imagination.  It is about what Winston Elliott would call “imaginative conservatism.”  Enjoy. Source: Christopher Dawson, “The Dark Mirror,” DUBLIN REVIEW (October 1930): 177-200. cd… Read More

Christopher Dawson, “Religion in the Age of Revolution,” (1936).

SOURCE: Christopher Dawson, “Religion in the Age of Revolution,” THE TABLET (1936).  Multiple issue series. cd religion in the age of revolution

Christopher Dawson, “Religion and Romanticism,” (Summer 1936)

Source: Christopher Dawson, “Religion and Romanticism,” CHRISTENDOM 1 (Summer 1936): 577-592. cd religion and romanticism 1936

The Beauties and Mythologies of J. Michael Straczynski

Over at The Imaginative Conservative, I had the opportunity to praise one of my three favorite living science-fiction writers, J. Michael Straczynski.  My love of this man is nearly 20 years in the making, and I proudly own every… Read More

Reagan’s Creative Society, 1968

A nice contrast to Johnson’s supposed “Great Society”: The Creative Society, in other words, is simply a return to the people of the privilege of self-government, as well as a pledge for more efficient representative government–citizens of proven… Read More

Ten Things We Know about the Politics of J.R.R. Tolkien

To celebrate what would’ve been J.R.R. Tolkien’s 123rd birthday on January 3 of this year, I posted the following at The Imaginative Conservative. As a person who has written on Tolkien for almost fifteen years and read Tolkien… Read More