Forthcoming Soon: Liberty and the Golden Age of Science Fiction

From Liberty Classroom.

My Latest at TIC: So Many Opinions, So Little News

Or, why the modern media frustrates me seemingly to no end. Over the past year, I’ve become so disillusioned by my traditional news sources as to become distraught. The BBC and Telegraph have become so hideously anti-American that I often think that… Read More

Dan McCarthy’s Most Recent Writings

My great friend (and, frankly, genius), Dan McCarthy’s most recent writings.  Well worth checking out. “We Might Need a Prince of the Potomac” in Law and Liberty; thoughts on Hayek, Machiavelli, power, and constitutionalism:   “The Proxy War,” in the University… Read More

Catholic Anarchy?

A close friend do of mine asked me how to explain the connection between Catholicism and philosophical anarchism (as in Tolkien’s beliefs).   Here’s my response, for what it’s worth. *** First, I try not to use the… Read More

A Reading from Martian Chronicles

One of my favorite scenes from Ray Bradbury’s magisterial MARTIAN CHRONICLES.

A Conservative Reflection on the 2016 Presidential Election

  A brief version of this appeared at  A huge thank you to ISI for soliciting it.  Below is the director’s cut. *** As another presidential election cycle comes to a conclusion and a new one already… Read More

At The Imaginative Conservative: Ludwig Von Mises

Good morning. Excellent piece at The Imaginative Conservative on one of the most interesting thinkers of the 20th century: Ludwig Von Mises. By another fascinating thinker: Israel Kirzner.

Join Libery Classroom Today!

As many of you probably know (after all, I talk about it all the time!), Tom Woods created a virtual academy several years ago with his excellent website, Liberty Classroom.  As the traditional university continues to decay, drowning in… Read More

Albert Jay Nock, 20th-Century DemiGod

There are a number of writers who both inspire and humble me.  Albert Jay Nock, perhaps the most individual of individualists, almost always floors me when I read him.  He enlivens my soul and my mind, but he… Read More

Authenticity and Politics at Cato Unbound

As children, we are taught the American founding and the Constitution as though they were sacred documents and sacramental events crafted by demigods. If so, our own Twilight of the Gods must have occurred sometime between 1787 and… Read More

Kat Timpf: The Full and True Story!

Ha.  My praise of all that is Kat Timpf, a former student and always friend.

Russell Kirk: American Conservative Excerpt

“Kirk presented a Christian sanctification of the pagan myth of Perseus and his nemesis the Gorgon, Medusa. indeed, this myth holds the entire book together. “a man if he venerates the ashes of his fathers and the temples… Read More