Covenant, Law, and Kingship among the Ancient Hebrews (Full Lecture)

Full lecture from my third Western Heritage class of the semester, covering the stories of Abraham and David.  Too quickly!

Introduction to Western Civ (Full Lecture)

118 Western and American History Lectures: Tom Woods, Liberty Classroom

Dear Stormfields Readers, First, as always, thank you! Second, I’m really pleased to announce that the grand and wondrous Tom Woods will soon be releasing 118 audio lectures I’ve delivered on western and American civilization. These will appear,… Read More


Dear Friends, I am extremely honored to announce that I have been named the interim President and CEO of The American Conservative magazine and its parent NPO. It is interim—a one-year position as steward (Faramir) as we search… Read More

Spring 2017 American Heritage Syllabus

American Heritage H105; Spring 2017; Lane 125 MWF, 10:00-10:50, 11:00-11:50 Instructor: Dr. Bradley J. Birzer   Required Readings Hillsdale College History Department, ed., American Heritage: A Reader Secondary history text (via the bookstore) A variety of handouts/email attachments;… Read More

The Counter Reformation (FULL LECTURE)

Ok, getting toward the end of the semester. For your pleasure (or pain), here is the third from last lecture, The Counter Reformation–a part of our drive-by Western Heritage tour! We’re back to a *good* pope, Paul III…. Read More

The Counter Reformation

Response in the Western Latin (now what one would call “Roman Catholic”) Church: Significant revival in mysticism (what we would call charismatic today) and piety (following Erasmus’s notions: WWJD?); for the average person Clean up of corruption within… Read More

The Historical Foundations of Protestantism (FULL LECTURE)

Western Heritage Lecture–what historical events “allowed” Protestantism to arise as it did.

Machiavelli vs. Socrates (Full Lecture)

A rather in-depth look at how Machiavelli inverted the western Socratic project.  Please note two things: 1) I’m terribly biased in this lecture; and 2) I tell a beautiful (at least to me) but personal story of my… Read More

Petrarch (Full Lecture)

An attempt to looks at three iconic figures in the Renaissance: Petrarch; Pico; and Machiavelli.  This lecture mostly considers Petrarch, the ultimate Renaissance Christian Humanist.

End of the Medieval World (Full Lecture)

Full Lecture    The End of Christendom, 1350-1492   The Plague, killing anywhere from 33-50% of Europe. In terms of population, Europe not recover until mid-seventeenth century.  Especially hit the good clergy, as they were first to rush… Read More

Thomas Aquinas (Full Lecture)