Western Heritage Lecture 5: No God Kings

In my fifth lecture for the Western Heritage core course, I moved the class from the ancient Hebrews to the ancient Greeks, considering how each people(s) despised the notion of a God-King. In particular, I considered the roles… Read More

Western Heritage Lecture 4: Hebrews and Covenant

Lecture 4, if you’re keeping count.  This one, a focus on Genesis 17 and Exodus 3.  The relationship of Adam to Abraham to Moses.  Or, why God never changes but man’s understanding of Him does.   The previous… Read More

Western Heritage, Lecture 2: The West and Genesis

My praise of the four iconographic cities of the West: Jerusalem; Athens; Rome; and London–culminating, of course, in Philadelphia. Full, unedited lecture–September 2, 2016.  Warts and all.

Western Heritage Core Syllabus 2016

Course: Western Heritage, H104-7; H104-8 Autumn 2016, meets in LANE 233 Professor Bradley J. Birzer; office: Delp 403;   Required Readings Hillsdale College History Department, ed., Western Heritage Reader (provided) Secondary text (available in HC Bookstore) handouts/readings… Read More