Russell Kirk, “Conservatism and History,” 1982

rak conservatism and history 1982

Russell Kirk’s Guide to Choosing a College

Here’s a great and insightful piece on seeking a proper college education.  Some of the schools and facts are dated (very dated), but the advice overall is still sound. rak art of choosing a college 1981

Books Every High School Senior Should Read: Russell Kirk, 1979

In 1979, Russell Kirk offered a list of books that every entering college student should’ve read before arriving on campus for day one of freshman year.  Not surprisingly, it’s a rather shocking and challenging list in 2015.  It… Read More

University Bookman Spring 1968 (Full Issue)

ub spring 1968 A good issue–complete with an excellent piece on Edmund Burke by the famous Owen Barfield scholar, G.B. Tennyson.

University Bookman Winter 1968 (Full Issue)

ub winter 1968 Only two articles in this issue.  One on economic textbooks and the other on another on textbooks dealing with political science.

University Bookman Summer 1967 (Full Issue-Seminal)

A seminal issue.  In particular, check out Lambert’s article on the Christian Humanism of Paul Elmer More and Reichert’s piece on Christian politics. ub summer 1967

University Bookman Spring 1967 (Full Issue)

ub spring 1967 A good issue with an especially good piece on the “Law of Nations and the Law of Nature” by J.F. Costanzo, S.J.

University Bookman Winter 1967 (Full Issue)

ub winter 1967 Excellent articles by George Scott-Moncrieff and Anthony Harrigan.

University Bookman Winter 1966 (Full Issue)

Interesting issue featuring articles on Vienna, the nature of poetry, and Catholic education. ub winter 1966

Physical Review Copies of RUSSELL KIRK: AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE Now Available

Physical review copies of my biography, RUSSELL KIRK: AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE (out November 5, 2015) are now available from the University Press of Kentucky. If you would like to review it for a journal, a newspaper, a magazine, a… Read More

University Bookman at Its Best; Autumn 1965 Issue

Pieces by M.E. Bradford, Father Francis Canavan, Russell Kirk, and Warren Flesichauer.  Doesn’t get better than this. ub autumn 1965

University Bookman V31 N4 1991

ub v31 n4 1991