Dr. Bob Stacey on Russell Kirk: American Conservative

The very first review of RUSSELL KIRK: AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE is up, and I couldn’t be happier.  Thank you, Bob, and thank you, The Imaginative Conservative.  A deep honor.

Birzer on Kirk on John J. Miller’s Bookmonger

Had a blast talking with John J. Miller about Russell Kirk.  Just 10 minutes, though I think we both could’ve kept talking for a long time.

University Bookman Summer 1969 (full issue)

Only one article for the whole issue.  An article called “The Rational Right Wing” by Charles E. Schutz. UB Summer 1969

University Bookman Spring 1969 (full issue)

Articles by Henry Winthrop, Regis Courtemanche, and Ruth Bevan. university bookman spring 1969

University Bookman, Winter 1969 (full issue)

Fair issue.  Best essay is by Francis Canavan on Edmund Burke. University Bookman winter 1969

University Bookman, Autumn 1968 (full issue)

A really good issue, featuring pieces by M.E. Bradford and Peter Stanlis. ub autumn 1968

November 5 Acton Lecture (Grand Rapids)

Acton is treating Russell Kirk (and me!) extremely well.

Russell Kirk, “The Inhumane Businessman,” 1957

This is not only one of Kirk’s finest pieces overall, but it’s also arguably his best dealing with the issue of humanism.  Enjoy. Apologies for the poor formatting. rak inhumane businessman

Russell Kirk, A Proposal to Reform American Colleges, 1957

rak american college 1957

Russell Kirk, “Lost Lake,” 1957.

One of Kirk’s creepiest essays.  An examination of the corrupt and haunted soil of Mecosta County.  This is not fiction. rak lost lake 1957

Russell Kirk Reviews Daniel Bell’s THE NEW AMERICAN RIGHT

rak on daniel bell 1956

Russell Kirk, “Selections for High School Students,” 1983

Fascinating piece on what high school students should read to awake the moral imagination. rak what to read in high school 1983