Michael Novak Interviews Christopher Dawson, 1961

cd undistracted philo 1961

Aldous Huxley, “Writers and Readers,” 1936

This is one of the finest essays I’ve read on the nature of propaganda.  Huxley compares ideological posturing, religious enthusiasm, and imagination.  Excellent. a huxley writers and readers

Christopher Dawson, “Christianity and the Idea of Progress,” 1927 (Full Article)

CD 1927 Christianity and the Idea of Progress

Christopher Dawson, “Catholicism and Economics,” 1924 (3 full articles)

One of Dawson’s most controversial pieces, the three-part analysis of economics and Catholic theology.  It should be remembered that Dawson drastically changed his ideas about the role of government as he witnessed the horrors of Nationalism, communism, fascism,… Read More

Dawson, “The Dark Mirror” (1930)

N.B.  This is one of Christopher Dawson’s most important pieces regarding the soul and imagination.  It is about what Winston Elliott would call “imaginative conservatism.”  Enjoy. Source: Christopher Dawson, “The Dark Mirror,” DUBLIN REVIEW (October 1930): 177-200. cd… Read More

Dawson “The End of an Age” (1930)

Source: Christopher Dawson, “The End of an Age,” CRITERION 9 (1930): 386-401. cd end of an age

Dawson, “The Significance of Bolshevism,” 1932

Source: Christopher Dawson, “The Significance of Bolshevism,” ENGLISH REVIEW (September 1932): 241-248. cd sign of bolshevism

Christopher Dawson, “Religious Liberty and the New Political Forces,” (1947)

SOURCE: Christopher Dawson, “Religious Liberty and the New Political Forces,” THE MONTH 183 (1947): 40-47. cd religious liberty and the new political forces

Christopher Dawson, “Religion in the Age of Revolution,” (1936).

SOURCE: Christopher Dawson, “Religion in the Age of Revolution,” THE TABLET (1936).  Multiple issue series. cd religion in the age of revolution

Christopher Dawson, “The Yogi and the Commissar,” (1945)

Source: Christopher Dawson, “The Yogi and the Commissar,” BLACKFRIARS 26 (1945): 366-371. cd yogi 1945

Dawson, “The Claims of Politics,” 1939.

Source: Christopher Dawson, “The Claims of Politics,” SCRUTINY 8 (September 1939): 136-141. cd claims of politics

Ross Hoffman, “Liberty and Authority,” 1934

Source: Ross J.S. Hoffman, “Liberty and Authority: A Political Essay,” AMERICAN REVIEW 3 (1934): 562-590. hoffman liberty and authority