Ross Hoffman, “The Totalitarian Regimes,” 1937

Interesting piece from a famous Fordham professor and Burkean.  Source: Ross J.S. Hoffman, “The Totalitarian Regimes: An Essay in Essential Distinctions,” AMERICAN REVIEW 9 (September 1937): 321-338. hoffman totalitarian regime

Dawson, Christianity and Sex (full book)

In the late 1920s, T.S. Eliot asked Christopher Dawson to write a small book on the meaning of family in the western and Christian tradition.  The two would come to collaborate frequently, but this was the first thing… Read More

Jean Danielou, “Marxist History and Sacred History,” 1951.

A fascinating 1951 article on Christian and ideological historical philosophies. Source:  Jean Danielou, S.J., “Marxist History and Sacred History,” THE REVIEW OF POLITICS (October 1951): 503-513. danilou marx sacred history

Christopher Dawson, “The Claims of Politics,” 1939

A transcription of the seminal article, Christopher Dawson, “The Claims of Politics,” SCRUTINY 8 (September 1939): 136-141. The expansion of Politics from the narrow limits of utilitarian Liberalism to the all-embracing claims of the totalitarian com­munity-state has already had… Read More

Embrace Humanity, not Ideology

One of the great contributions of the Christian Humanists of the twentieth century–in particular, Christopher Dawson, C.S. Lewis, and Russell Kirk–is the realization that no left-right divide exists beyond the contrivance of those who seek power.  They employ… Read More