True Educational Reform

  [From a few years ago. . .] As I had mentioned in a previous post, I’m heading to Indianapolis this weekend for a conference on the meaning of liberty and education. One of the finest books I’ve… Read More

The Genius of Sir Thomas More

Sir Thomas More (1478-1535) An argument could be made that the world ended when Henry VIII had Thomas More executed.  Or, perhaps, in less drastic terms, the “modern world” began on July 6, 1535.  What was left of… Read More

The Gray Eminence of Christopher Dawson

To put it simply (and perhaps a bit “simplistically”—but I prefer to think of it as putting it “with fervor”), Christopher Dawson was one of the greatest historians of the twentieth century, certainly one of its greatest men… Read More

An Important Note to Readers of Stormfields

Dear Stormfields readers, First, thank you! Second, for some reason beyond my control, WordPress erased almost 5,000 of you from my subscriber/followers list.  This happened to me about 2 weeks ago at this account and also at my… Read More

The Pervasive Influence of Christopher Dawson

Though few—Catholic or otherwise—remember him now, Christopher Dawson once stood at the very center of the Catholic literary and intellectual revival the four decades preceding Vatican II.  “For Dawson is more like a movement than a man,” his… Read More

Free Minds and Free Peoples

Gerald Russello, editor of Kirk’s UNIVERSITY BOOKMAN, kindly asked me to participate in a symposium: how should a conservative think about immigration.  Here’s a link to the whole discussion: Here’s my brief response: When Secretary of State,… Read More

JPII: Renewing Christian Humanism (1996)

Renewing Christian Humanism for the Millennium Address of Pope John Paul II to a joint session of all the Pontifical Academies Prepared for internet by Msgr. Peter Nguyen Van Tai, Radio Veritas Asia, Philippines It gives me great joy this morning… Read More

Is Humanism a Religion?–G.K. Chesterton

An excellent reflection from a fine and brilliant Christian Humanist. gkc-is-humanism-a-religion

1959 Interview with Christopher Dawson


1964 Interviews with Maritain, Gilson, and Dawson

Some very nice United Nations’s interviews with Jacques Maritain, Etienne Gilson, and Christopher Dawson. Enjoy.  (My apologies for my marginalia). un-interviews-jm-eg-cd-gkc  

Understanding St. Peter’s Betrayal

Again, from Arnold Lunn, NOW I SEE (1945): St. Mark is supposed to have written at St. Peter’s dictation.  He tells the story of the denial without wasting a word.  The chapter ends with a verse as simple… Read More

Catholicism within Western Civilization

From Arnold Lunn’s autobiography, NOW I SEE (1945): Many forces have combined to produce the modern world.  Palestine, Rome, Greece, and Communist Russia have all helped to form that strange complex which, in our more sanguine moods, we… Read More