Cather and the Perfect Definition of Christian Humanism

I don’t myself think much of science as a phase of human development. It has given us a lot of ingenious toys; they take our attention away from the real problems, of course, and since the problems are… Read More

University Bookman Summer 1979

As I’m finishing (well, getting close to finishing) the main draft of my biography of Russell Kirk, I’ve had the chance and privilege to explore Kirk’s magazine, University Bookman.  Kirk founded it in 1960 and edited it until… Read More

H495 Reading List (Fall 2013)

Assigned books:  Christian Humanist Course, Fall 2013 T.S. Eliot, Complete Poems and Plays ISBN: 978-0151211852 C.S. Lewis, That Hideous Strength  ISBN: 978-0743234924 Walter Miller, Canticle for Leibowitz ISBN: 978-0060892999 G.K. Chesterton, Ballad of the White Horse ISBN: 978-0898708905 Eric… Read More