Allen Tate on Oswald Spengler

Source: Allen Tate, “Spengler’s Tract Against Liberalism,” AMERICAN REVIEW 3 (1934): 41-47. tate 1934 on spengler

Conversations with Paul Elmer More, 1943

Source: J. Duncan Spaeth, “Conversations with Paul Elmer More,” SEWANEE REVIEW 51 (Autumn 1943): 532-545. Enjoy! conversations with PEM

Selections from Romano Guardini’s LETTERS FROM LAKE COMO

“In truth, nature beings to relate to us only when we begin to indwell in it, when culture begins in it.  Culture then develops and, bit by bit, nature is refashioned.  We create our own world, shaped by… Read More

Russell Kirk on Irving Babbitt and Liberal Education

“We may define Babbitt’s humanism as the belief that man is a distinct being, government by laws peculiar to his nature: there is a law for man, and law for thing. Man stands higher than the beasts that… Read More

The Beauties and Mythologies of J. Michael Straczynski

Over at The Imaginative Conservative, I had the opportunity to praise one of my three favorite living science-fiction writers, J. Michael Straczynski.  My love of this man is nearly 20 years in the making, and I proudly own every… Read More

Remembering Irving Babbitt, 1936

Source: G.R. Elliott, “Irving Babbitt as I Knew Him,” AMERICAN REVIEW 8 (1936-1937): 36-60. gr elliott on babbitt

Correspondence of Paul Elmer More and Stuart Sherman

Source: Jacob Zeitlin, ed., “Stuart P. Sherman and Paul Elmer More,” THE BOOKMAN (September 1929): 43-53. letters of sherman and pem

A “Revival of Humanism” by Paul Elmer More, 1930.

Originally published in March 1930, “A Revival of Humanism”–a fascinating critique of More’s best friend, Irving Babbitt, appeared in More, On Being Human (Princeton University Press, 1936), 1-24. PEM Revival of Humanism

Paul Elmer More, “The Lust for Empire,” 1914.

More’s rather intelligent screed against the philosophy behind World War I.  Enjoy. pem lust for empire Source: Paul Elmer More, “The Lust for Empire,” THE NATION (October 22, 1914), 493-495.

Paul Elmer More on St. Augustine

A wonderfully insightful essay on St. Augustine by one of the greatest men of letters of the past century, Paul Elmer More. The essay is a bit older than the book, but here’s the version from the 1909… Read More

Allen Tate, “The Fallacy of Humanism.”

Allen Tate, “The Fallacy of Humanism,” HOUND AND HORN 3: 234-258. tate fallacy of humanism